CJI-designate Ranjan Gogoi, says he has a plan to tackle pendency of cases in courts

NEW DELHI: India’s top judge-designate Ranjan Gogoi expressed concern over the pendency of cases in courts, vowing to tackle issues that’re rendering the legal system and it has the potential of making the system irrelevant”. Justices Gogoi said he will reveal a plan to tackle pending cases and asked lawyers to participate in the process.

Speaking at a seminar organised by the Youth Bar Association, Justice Gogoi said, “Two things are troubling me–pendency of case, which brings in a lot of disrepute to courts, and providing justice to poverty-stricken population,” I would request each of you to kindly give a thought to this [problem] and see how you can overcome this difficulty,” Gogoi said. “I have a plan and will unfold it and you are welcome to take part in that.”

The world’s second-most populous nation grapples with millions of pending lawsuits and a complex court system stymies most Indians. There were more than 54,000 pending cases at the Supreme Court as of May 4, according to its website, all the pending cases, 60% are more than two years old, while 40% are more than five year old.

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