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Bombay High CourtTo prevent frivolous complaint against judges, the Bombay High Court has made it mandatory that a complaint on an affidavit must be submitted along with “verifiable material” substantiating the allegation.

“A complaint making allegations against members of the district judiciary will not be entertained and no action will be taken thereon unless it is accompanied by a duly sworn affidavit and verifiable material to substantiate the allegations,” a notice issued by the high court said.

“The notice has been issued following directives of the Supreme Court,” high court’s registrar general Mangesh Patil said, adding that it will also apply to complaint against judges.

The notice, however, did not specify whether action would be taken against the complainant who has filed an affidavit if, upon inquiry, the allegation is found to be false.

One Response to “Complaint against judges must come with verifiable material:HC”

  1. MRK Gandhi

    The decision of high court is quite rational; but the problem remains who will bell the cat. Why the public or litigant or advocates should complain. It is a pity that our High Courts do not have a system of monitoring their subordinate judiciary. A review of few judgments will establish the credibility of the system. In advanced countries CC cameras are used. The behavior of judge and his postures can be observed by the High Courts. Let not superior judiciary pas the buck. Our judiciary is not unaware of corruption of their colleagues and inefficient mechanism.


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