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A man serving a life term in Tihar Jail for the murder of a 10-year-old boy approached a Delhi court seeking permission to use his contribution to a victim’s welfare fund for his daughter’s marriage. The court declined, observing that the man was a habitual offender and the money was meant only for families of victims of crime.

Special Judge V.K. Maheshwari agreed with the report of Deputy Superintendent Central Jail No.2. saying the fund is meant for welfare of victim’s families.

The jail authority said: “It is submitted that the Victim Welfare Fund is specifically for the families of victims and not for the families of convicts. Hence, no fund can be given to the convict out of the fund.”

The court while disallowing the application also observed that the convict is a habitual jail offender and has been punished several time. He has been released on parole twice but he had surrendered in jail after the due date on both occasions.

The court sent a copy of the order sheet to the convict lodged in central jail.

Convict Raj Kumar is serving life for kidnapping and murder of a 10 year-old-boy. He has already completed 18 years and four months and has earned remission of over four years and three months.


Kumar had told court that his daughter was of marriageable age and he needed money for it. He had requested the court to allow around Rs.2 lakh to be withdrawn from his contribution to the victim welfare fund and it should be delivered to his family.


According to Tihar Jail authorities, Victim Welfare Fund is a fund collected from the earnings of convicts who learn several trades in jail. A quarter of the money earned by the convict is deducted for the Victim Welfare Fund.


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