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Lawyers at Patiala House courts here Tuesday were aghast when they saw a constable made to do frontrolls within the complex as punishment on the orders of his officer. On the lawyers’ complaint, a court directed the Delhi Police chief to take action against the officer.

According to eye-witnesses, around 11 a.m. Tuesday Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Seju P. Kuruvilla found Dinesh Kumar, constable in his 30s, talking on the cell phone and not frisking the people during his duty time.

“The constable who was on duty at Gate No.6 of the court premises was compelled to front roll from Gate No.6 to the library, about 100 metres, which is absolutely inhuman,” advocates stated in their complaint to the district judge’s court.

Advocates who were eyewitnesses also alleged that Kuruvilla tore off the badge of the constable and snatched his mobile phone and used abusive language.

“Today at about 11 a.m, we along with many other advocates and public saw a constable rolling and crawling on the ground in uniform from Gate No.6. On inquiry, it was revealed that Additional DCP Seju P. Kuruvilla has compelled the constable to do such a humiliating and inhuman act. (He) Tore his badge, snatched mobile phone and used abusive language,” the complaint said.

The lawyers protested against the police officer and demanded “necessary and strict action … against the Additional DCP so that such type of inhuman, illegal, derogatory and violating acts are not not repeated in future”.

On the complaint of the lawyers, the court directed the police commissioner to take action against the Additional DCP.

District Judge H.S. Sharma said: “CP is directed to proceed as per law against the erring official and report about the outcome of the action to this court within one month from today.”

Judge Sharma also directed the advocates to preserve the mobile phone in which the constable’s frontrolls were recorded.

The court granted liberty to the advocates to get a CD of the video clipping prepared and to act against the officer as per law.

Advocates Mahender Singh Yadav, Tarun Rana, B.B. Tyagi and S.N. Sharma requested the court to intervene. They added that staff of Police Control Room (PCR) came to the spot but were unable to take any action against the Additional DCP, fearing they could lose their jobs for complaining against their senior officer.




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