Court acquits employer in rape case as woman turns hostile

A man, accused of raping his maid, has been acquitted by a Delhi court after the woman said their physical relations were consensual and she had lodged the complaint as she was not paid her dues.

The court absolved the employer, saying the woman has turned hostile and not supported the case of prosecution.

“I am of the opinion that prosecution has not been able to prove its case against the accused beyond reasonable doubt that he had administered some intoxicated substance to the woman or that he had raped the prosecutrix or that he had threatened her of uploading her obscene videos on internet,” Additional Sessions Judge Shail Jain said.

A case was lodged on the woman’s complaint that she had started working as a maid in the man’s west Delhi house from October 2010. There was a matrimonial dispute between him and his wife who had left the house.

She had alleged that on November 20, 2010, the man gave her a sedative-laced drink making her unconscious when he raped her. He took her obscene videos and threatened to upload them on the Internet if she disclosed the acts to anyone, she had alleged.

As the man allegedly continued his physical relations with the woman, she lodged a police complaint on August 26, 2015.

However in the court, the woman took a different stand and deposed that the man had established physical relations with her with her consent and she had lodged the complaint out of anger as he was not paying her the due amount.

She also testified that the man had not sexually assaulted her.

The court said no incriminating evidence has come on record against the accused and dispensed with recording the statement of the man.

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