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acquits rape case

acquits rape case

New Delhi, A Delhi court has acquitted a man of the charge of raping a woman in his car after intoxicating her, as the alleged victim confessed lodging a false rape case under pressure from her parents.

Additional Sessions Judge Praveen Kumar let off the man, a west Delhi resident, of charges of rape and poisoning, saying the alleged victim, being the “star witness”, has not supported the prosecution case at all.

“She has deposed that she came to know the accused through social networking. They became friends. They wanted to marry but her parents were against the marriage due to difference in their castes.

“She has further deposed that she lodged false complaint of rape as she was pressurised by her parents. She has categorically deposed that accused neither administered any intoxicating substance in the cold drink nor raped her,” the judge said.

According to the prosecution, a complaint was lodged by the woman that late in night of July 14, 2015, the accused had offered the woman a sedative-laced drink in his car after which he allegedly raped her.

An FIR was registered against the man for the offences under sections 328 (poisoning) and 376 (rape) of the IPC. The accused was arrested by the police.

The court noted that in her cross-examination, the woman said her father forcibly took her to the police station and she lodged the complaint under pressure from his parents.

The statement of the accused under CrPC was not recorded as there was no incriminating evidence against him. However, the accused had pleaded not guilty and claimed trial after framing of charges against him.

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  1. daveinga

    no mention of the charges brought against her (or her father) for her criminal false accusations. unless purposely and maliciously damaging the life and reputation of a mere man is not a crime in this so called ‘enlightened’ society? perhaps understanding the meaning of the phrase ‘equality before the law’ is too advanced a concept to understand in less developed countries? I know it is even here where I live here in the u.s. men who care about justice have started referring to these lesser males like her father and those who support these one-sided laws as manginas. appropriate, don’t you think?


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