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Court acquits two women in theft case

Court acquits two women in theft case

Two women, accused of stealing gold jewellery from a lady after making her unconscious in south Delhi, have been acquitted by a court here which said the alleged victim failed to inform police about the incident till a month.

Additional Sessions Judge Sandeep Yadav absolved the women of the charges under sections 328(causing hurt by poisoning), 379(theft), 411(dishonestly receiving stolen property) and 341(wrongful restraint) of the IPC, noting the woman caught the accused a month after the alleged incident and then informed the police about the same.

“The woman was robbed of her jewellery by accused persons but she did not inform about the same to anyone. In normal circumstance, when such an offence is committed against a person, incident is immediately reported either to police or to the family members/friends.

“However, she did not inform anyone about the incident.

Explanation given by her that she did not make any complaint after the first incident as she was ill on that day, fails to inspire the confidence of the Court,” the judge said.

The court also rejected the claim of complainant (woman) that she had informed family members about the incident, while noting that they were not examined by the prosecution.

According to prosecution, in 2012, victim Laxmi Devi was walking to her school for work, when the two accused women stopped her to inquire about a jewellery shop and asked for water and as the woman was helping them, the duo placed a handkerchief on her mouth making her unconscious, it said.

The women then stole her gold earrings, rings and chain and fled from the spot, it added.

A month later, both the women again played the trick on the woman, who identified them and raised an alarm after which public gathered and the women were handed over to the police, it further said, adding her jewellery was recovered too.

During the trial, the accused women had pleaded not guilty and claimed they were falsely implicated.


( Source – PTI )

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