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Two girls, who wanted to live together despite’s their parents’ objection, have realised their wish after the Chhattisgarh high court allowed them to do so. Neha Singhania, 23, who had approached the court with a habeas corpus petition, said Friday that the court has fulfilled her long-cherished dre am.

A division bench of the Chhattisgarh high court, based at Bilaspur, ruled on Thursday that Khusbu Jaiswal, a girl from Gondia of Maharashtra, can live with a person of her choice.

The court also ordered authorities to give security to Khusbu and her Raipur-based friend Neha Singhania after they informed the court of their intention to live together and that they were not interested to live with their parents anymore.

The court gave the rulings when Khusbu wrote to Neha, saying she had been virtually confined by her parents after they came to know the relationship.

Neha moved to high court with a habeas corpus petition and Khusbu was produced in the court on Thursday.

The families of Neha and Khusbu were based in Gondia till eight years ago when Neha’s family moved to Raipur.

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