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The Delhi High Court Tuesday dismissed a plea seeking parole for three months by Amardeep Singh Gill, sentenced to jail for four years for the 1999 murder of Jessica Lall.

Gill was sentenced on charges of destroying evidence along with prime accused Manu Sharma.

Gill filed a petition seeking parole to arrange for a house for his wife and two children.

Justice M.L. Mehta said: “Unless there is an emergency situation, I am not inclined to grant him bail… It is not possible to grant him bail for such a long time.”

However, the court told Gill’s counsel that three-four days custody parole could be granted, which his lawyer declined.

Gill moved court after the Lt Governor rejected his parole application in October. The main reason for that was an adverse report from the Mehrauli police that Gill could jump parole as his family did not have a permanent address.

Gill’s petition said his wife, a housemaker, had been served notice by the landlady after the expiry of the lease of their house in Gurgaon.

Advocate Imtiaz Ahmed argued for Gill: “The petitioner was the sole breadwinner of his family. Parole is required for three months so that the petitioner can arrange for alternative accommodation.”

Referring to Gill’s conduct, counsel said that during 13 years of his trial he was on bail and there was no complaint against him. From time to time, his conduct was actually appreciated.

The petition also attached reports from the DCP (Gurgaon), verifying the address and family details of Gill, and a favourable opinion on his prison conduct.

The Supreme Court last year confirmed life term for Manu, and four-year-jail terms for Gill and another accused Vikas Yadav.



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