Court raps govt for inaction on illegal B’deshi

As Assam violence brought illegal migration back into focus, the Union government was on Thursday rapped by a local court for not taking a “firm and resolute” action against three crore illegal Bangladeshi migrants staying in the country.

“Bangladeshi influx is one of the major challenges being faced by our country in recent times and is a matter of national concern. This serious issue requires urgent political debate, governmental intervention and concerted action, before it becomes a little too late,” the court said.

The court made the stinging remarks while awarding life sentence and 10 years in prison to two Bangladeshi nationals respectively in a case of dacoity-cum-murder bid.

“While the genuine citizens of this country continue to suffer in abject poverty, what is it that prevents a firm, resolute, intense government action against these three crores Bangladeshi nationals illegally staying in India, enjoying all benefits which are otherwise the entitlements of citizens,” said Additional Sessions Judge (ASJ) Kamini Lau.

“It is this lack of concerted governmental/administrative action which has compelled the courts of law to step in,” she added.

The court sentenced Bangladeshi national Jahangir to life term and Mohammed Karim to 10 years of rigorous imprisonment and also imposed a fine of Rs 20,000 on each of the duo.

The judge said a large number of crimes have come to light where Bangladeshi nationals were involved in heinous offences such as robberies, dacoities, murder and rape.

“Our country has become a haven for all these criminal elements who are most ruthless and brutal with anybody who come in their way.

The case dated back to February 8, 2011 when a gang of seven dacoits, most of them of Bangladeshi origin, entered a house in Ashok Vihar area here in night and attacked the inmates when they resisted their dacoity bid.

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