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The Delhi High Court Friday sought an affidavit from former BJP leader K.N. Govindacharya who objected to the new government officially allowing opening of Twitter and Facebook accounts by PMO and other central government ministries in violation of law.

A division bench of ministries’ social media profilesasked counsel appearing for Govindacharya to file an affidavit in this regard after which it will hear the issue.

Advocate Virag Gupta raised the objection on the use of Facebook and Twitter for the official purpose by several ministries through private e-mail accounts, saying it violates the Public Records Act, as per which “no person shall take or cause to be taken out of India any public records without the prior approval of the central government”.

The petitioner argued that the servers of these social networking sites are outside India so the nation’s official data is transferred to other countries.

“Nineteen ministries are officially on Twitter, five ministries opened their Facebook accounts from private e-mail ids. Prime Minister is on Twitter and Facebook. Most of the ministers have their Twitter account,” said Gupta.

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