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A special court hearing a case related to the Gulberg Society massacre during the 2002 Ahmedabad riots Monday sought the views of NGOs and the media on various aspects of the criminal litigation.

Judge B.U. Joshi observed: “Since the matter in question is linked to national unity, it is necessary not to limit the scope of representation on its aspects.”

Sixty-nine people including ex-MP Ehsan Jaffery were killed during riots in the Gulburg Society neighbourhood.

To enable a proper decision, representation on all aspects of the case and by all organisations whose role had been discussed during the trial needed to be taken into consideration, the court said.

It felt there should be direct representation by NGO Citizens for Justice and Peace (CJP), working for some of the riot victims, and by the media.

It has asked the media to place its views on record with regard to the investigation in the case, phonecall records and sting operations on some of the accused by a private television channel.

The next hearing is scheduled for Dec 13.

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