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A Delhi court has asked a man, who claimed to be unemployed, to either get a job or dispose off his assets to maintain his estranged wife.

Additional Sessions Judge Anuradha Shukla Bhardwaj dismissed the plea of the man against the trial court order that had directed him to pay Rs 15,000 per month as interim maintenance to his wife.

He had claimed that the amount was unjustified as he was unemployed.

“The appellant (husband) with his calibre and status would have got a job by now and if not, to maintain his wife he is expected to dispose off his assets and give a suitable and comfortable life to all the dependents including his wife,” the judge said.

The court held that interim maintenance of Rs 15,000 awarded to his wife by the trial court was a reasonable amount to take care of her day-to-day expenses.

It took note of the affidavits filed by both husband and wife declaring their income and assets, saying that “a bare perusal would show that appellant claims to be spending much more than he is earning.”

“This indicates that he has in fact not disclosed his income honestly to the court and that he has some source which enables him to discharge his liabilities which as per his claim are much more than his disclosed income,” the court said.

The man in his appeal had said that he and his wife got married on April 1, 2013 and it was their second marriage.

He claimed in his plea that due to the persecution and vilification of his wife he had to leave his job and does not have sufficient means to support himself and his parents who are dependent on him.

The wife, however, refuted his claims and contended that he had resigned from his job just to escape from the liability of maintenance.

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