Crime against women rising in India: NCW member

A case of violence against a woman is registered in India every three minutes and every 29 minutes a woman is raped, National Commission for Women (NCW) member Wansuk Syiem said here Friday.

Citing National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) data, Syiem said: “Over 7,600 women are killed each year because their in-laws consider the dowry inadequate and a very small percentage of their murderers are brought to justice.”

“Everyday at least 50 cases of dowry-related violence are reported in India,” she said while addressing a conference on domestic violence titled “Save Home, Save Family”.

Syiem said that despite a number of laws, sensitive society, pro-active policing and holding of seminars and awareness programmes, nothing seems to be working at the ground level to check crimes against women.

“Women are seen as traitors by the family when they report any violence,” she said.

NCW joint secretary Sundari Subramanium Pujari said: “To check crime against women there are five pillars that must be pro-active. These are good laws, proper execution of laws, judiciary, civil societies and NGOs and media.”

“Education, empowerment and skill development of women are the vital tools to curb violence against women,” she suggested.

To deal with crimes against women, the Tripura government has set up help-desks in all 66 police stations across the northeastern state.

“The police department, in consultation with the law department and other stake holders, has short-listed cases involving crimes against women to be disposed off in fast track courts,” Tripura Inspector General of Police K. Nagraj told the gathering.

“Some exemplary punishment is necessary in some heinous crimes against women and these cases should be settled promptly,” he said.

Tripura Social Welfare Minister Bijita Nath inaugurated the day-long conference, where elected local-self government leaders, police officials, NGO representatives, women activists, educationists and social workers were present.

One thought on “Crime against women rising in India: NCW member

  • where does one report these crimes if the local police station will not give them heed. ive faced this issue more than once before where my local police station refuses to lodge the complaint saying i should deal with the harassers directly and negotiate.

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