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The cab driver accused of raping a 27-year-old woman in Delhi has been arrested in Mathura, Police said on Sunday.

Earlier, the Delhi Police announced Rs. 1 lakh reward for the arrest of a driver from the taxi-booking service Uber.

Investigators found a taxi that was abandoned by the 32-year-old driver, a police officer earlier said.

The woman, who works at a finance company, was returning from a dinner engagement on Friday and used the mobile app Uber to hire a cab to drive her home, the officer said.

The woman fell asleep during the ride. When she woke up, she found the car parked in a secluded place, and the driver then threatened her and raped her.

Uber said in a statement that it had suspended the driver’s account and was cooperating with police. “We are working with the police as they investigate, and will assist them in any way we can to determine what happened,” the statement said.

Meanwhile, dozens of students scuffled with police on Sunday as they tried to enter police headquarters in New Delhi to protest the rising incidents of rape in the capital.

“I am here to protest the irregularities and failure of the state machinery, which refuses to acknowledge that rapes happen due to their failure,” said Urvashi Joshi, one of the demonstrators.

The protesters, from the All India Students Association, dispersed after an hour-long demonstration.

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