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A Delhi court Friday let off a man accused of bicycle theft on probation, considering his socio-economic condition after the accused pleaded guilty and promised not to repeat the crime.

Metropolitan Magistrate Ashu Garg let off the accused, Ravi Kumar, and gave him a chance to reform himself. The court asked the accused to pay a fine of Rs. 3,500.

The court give Ravi Kumar three weeks time to pay the fine after he said that he did not have enough money at present to pay it.

The magistrate said: “Considering the socio-economic condition of the convict and the fact that he was not a convict previously, a lenient view has been taken against him.”

The court observed that the accused is a poor person and has voluntarily pleaded his guilt as he wishes to reform himself.

According to the prosecution case, Ravi, on the intervening night of Aug 6-7, 2006 had committed the theft of a cycle. The court framed charges against him for the offence of the theft Mar 18, 2008.

The accused pleaded guilty and requested the court to let him off as he wants to reform himself. Ravi told the court that he would not repeat the crime, adding that he is sole bread earner of his family.



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