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Sending two robbers to jail, a Delhi court has expressed concern over the security and safety of the public due to a spurt in crime and underlined the need to take urgent steps to rectify this.

“The deteriorating law and order problem of the city is a matter of serious concern and immediate steps are required to be taken at all levels for ensuring security and safety of the citizens,” said Additional Sessions Judge Kamini Lau in a recent order.

She said this while awarding 10 years rigorous imprisonment to Yamin, 26, and Vikas, 24, involved in a robbery in 2011 in north Delhi.

The court also observed that the city had experienced a spurt in the incidents of snatching, robbery, dacoity, murder and other kinds of crime in the recent past.

Lau said that 48,161 cases were registered in the year 2010. Among them 1,596 cases were of chain snatching, 567 cases were of looting and 318 cases were of dacoity.

Use of deadly weapons by criminals while committing crime has spread terror in society and adversely affected the social order and shaken people’s faith in the administration.

The court observed that Yamin and Vikas were involved in several other cases of robbery, theft and dacoities and were convicted in two and three cases, respectively.

“Keeping in view the previous criminal records of the convicts, it is evident that they are professional robbers and habitual criminals who have a large number of criminal involvements against them and have also been convicted by other courts,” said Lau,

She said they were not entitled to any leniency as they did not hesitate to take law into their hand.

The court said that undue sympathy shown to them would harm the justice system and slapped fine of Rs.10,000 on each of them.

According to the prosecution, the convicts robbed and grievously injured Braham Dev Singh when he was returning home April 16, 2011 in Bhalswa Dairy area.

Both of the men, in association with a juvenile aide, injured the victim and robbed Rs.3,500, a mobile phone, an bank card and documents from him, the prosecution said.

(Source: IANS)

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