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The Delhi government Thursday launched a training programme for its medical officers on treating victims of domestic violence.

Health Minister Kiran Walia, inaugurating the programme on ‘Holistic and Human Care of Women Victims of Domestic Violence’, said many such programmes will be organised in the city in future.

Walia stressed on the need for sensitising the doctors and

para-medical staff to give them adequate skills for effectively treating the victims of domestic violence and those who are subjected to harassment, atrocities and sexual exploitation.

‘The doctors, while treating them, should adopt a holistic approach towards the victims as they suffer not only physical injuries but also mental trauma,’ she said.

Only 594 cases of domestic violence out of total 6,071 in the city have been settled, while the rest are still pending, she added.

The minister suggested that effective implementation of legislation and speedy access to justice and support to victims is needed to curb the menace.

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