Delhi HC ends marriage, says fast paced lifestyle took toll on duo

Delhi HC ends marriage, says fast paced lifestyle took toll on duo
Delhi HC ends marriage, says fast paced lifestyle took toll on duo

The Delhi High Court has dissolved an eight-year-old marriage of a well-qualified couple saying fast-paced lifestyle, complexities of living and challenges of economic instability have “taken a toll” on them as they hardly lived as husband and wife.

A bench of justices Pradeep Nandrajog and Pratibha Rani said behaviour of the couple, who are MBA graduates, was a “manifestation” of stress-related disorder which was common these days and they had created problems in their marital life by levelling allegations against each other.

“The behaviour of the two is the manifestation of the stress-related disorder resulting in mood disorder which one sees regretfully these days. Fast paced lifestyle, complexities of living, a breakdown of support systems and challenges of economic instability have obviously taken a toll on the two,” the bench said.

The court observed that both of them were “intelligent” having well paid jobs, “but perhaps there is no appreciation for intelligence in the market of matrimony where spouses sum up each other according to their own standards in which no marks are awarded for intellect”.

While allowing the petition filed by the husband who had challenged the trial court’s 2014 verdict dismissing his plea seeking divorce, the high court noted in its judgement that “senseless mental torture” continued all throughout when they cohabited and tolerance, adjustment and respect towards each other was totally absent.

It noted that the marriage was solemnised in December 2008 and the couple separated in May 2009.

“It lasted only for five months and 21 days, with the two sharing each other’s company for approximately 60 days. Even these days were spent in turbulence. We only wish that the astrologer who matched the horoscope (of the couple) was not a novice,” the bench said.

The high court also observed that since inception of their marriage, the couple had done nothing except “bickering” and their relationship was “sufficiently spoiled”.

While the man had claimed before the court that his wife was unsocial and unfriendly, the woman had alleged that her husband was suffering from an incurable genetic disease and had behaved rudely with her.

( Source – PTI )

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