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Delhi HC issues citizen charter

Delhi HC issues citizen charter

A disciplinary committee of Delhi High Court today issued a citizen’s charter informing the public about its timings, the facilities available there as well as how people should conduct themselves while inside the court premises.

The high court said that it would continue to ensure equal and easy access to justice and endeavour to decide cases and causes in a speedy and expedient manner by introducing better case and docket management practices.

In order to reduce litigation, the high court has decided to promote mechanisms of alternative dispute resolution like mediation, arbitration, lok adalats and other forms of settlement.

It said it will ensure that all its manpower and infrastructure work to the best advantage of the people and also try to overcome all barriers, physical and infrastructural, in the delivery of judicial services.

Upholding the principle of judicial impartiality and promoting transparency to the maximum possible extent in all the processes and functions of the judicial system, is also part of the high court’s vision.

In order to make the working of the court more efficient, it has decided to “assimilate, optimise and employ technological developments”.

The high court has said it would also provide its users a “a safe and secure environment by adopting the best environmental practices and optimising the use of all available resources”.

( Source – PTI )

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