Delhi High Court merged with Delhi Judicial Academy

New Delhi: The Delhi Judicial Academy has been merged with the Delhi High Court for administrative and financial purposes. A recommendation to this effect had been made in February this year by the Judicial Education and Training Programme Committee. This recommendation was accepted in a Full Court meeting of the High Court.

Accordingly a notification has been issued intimating that the Delhi Judicial Academy now functions under the direct administrative and financial control of the High Court of Delhi. To this end, the notification informs,

“…henceforth, all approvals/sanctions shall be taken by the Delhi Judicial Academy from Hon’ble the Chief Justice through the Chairperson of the Judicial Education and Training Programme. The bills of the Delhi Judicial Academy be also routed through the Pay & Accounts Office attached to the High Court of Delhi… The other incidental matters arising henceforth shall be dealt with according to the relevant rules.”

The notification also intimates that the staff recruited directly to the Delhi Judicial Academy have been merged with that of the Delhi High Court with immediate effect. Further, that the nomenclature of the Academy staff is to be the same as that of the High Court, as per their cadre. The notification states the following as far as the staff hierarchy is concerned following the merger.

“…the officials of the Delhi Judicial Academy so merged will be put at the lowest rank in the seniority list of their respective categories/cadre, and their inter-se-seniority shall be the same as with the Delhi Judicial Academy.”

The staff has been directed to submit an undertaking that they do not have any objection to having their seniority being determined this. As stated in the notification,

“The officials so merged with the officials of this Court shall furnish an undertaking tp the effect that upon their merger in High Court of Delhi, they have no objection to their seniority being fixed at the lowest level of their respective cadre in this Court.

The other incidental matters arising from merger shall be dealt with by the Judicial Education and Training Programme Committee in due course.“

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