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Lawyers here will strike work Sep 17 to protest against the government’s decision to create two more revenue districts that will increase magisterial courts, waste money and inconvenience litigants, the agitators say.

The co-ordination committee of all the District Bar Association of Delhi said Saturday that creating two more revenue districts is an arbitrary decision and will be a huge waste of public money.

“The government has failed to visualise that the situation has worsened with the formation of nine districts courts, which have put litigants in inconvenience in terms of distance as well as non-availability of presiding officers on frequent occasions on account of their being busy with administrative work,” said R.N. Vats, chairman of the committee.

The court fee hike has already put a burden on the litigants, Vats said.

Lawyers of six districts courts will abstain from working coming Monday against the government decision.

The Delhi Government in July gave the given green signal to create two additional revenue districts in the east and northwest areas of the city.

The present setup of nine districts – along with 27 sub-divisions – came into existence from Jan 1, 1997.

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