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Delhi policeThe Delhi Police is always there to help people from northeast India, Joint Commissioner of Police Robin Hibu said here.

“People come here for study, job or tourism or business. We have massive responsibility. We try to reach out to them through email or sms. We want to tell them, ‘Don’t be lonely and we are here for you’,” Hibu said here on first day of the North East Festival. He is the first Indian Police Service officer from Arunachal Pradesh.

“We are the only police force in the country, who have started standing order procedure on how to deal with northeast citizens,” he added.

Hibu also said volunteers are welcome to assist them too.

“We have 10 advocates who volunteered to assist northeast people when in trouble. They will console (people) while filing FIR and more. The advocate’s details are given on,” he said.

Help is also at hand for women, who fail to find transport post sunset.
“Dial 100, and we will send a PCR van and drop the lady home,” he said.
There is also a system called Aapka Update. If your case doesn’t proceed, you can ask for update on why it’s still pending.

Hibu also urged students from the northeast region to mingle with people from other states by celebrating and participating in north Indian festivals for increased communication and support.


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