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Don’t obstruct innovative research: Kerala HC to state govt

Do not obstruct innovative

research, the Kerala High Court on Tuesday said to the state government while asking whether permission can be granted to a scientist for collecting discarded blood samples from primary health centres for his experiments towards creating a diagnostic kit to identify various infections and fevers.

“If someone is doing some innovative research, why do you stand in the way? Why this adversarial attitude always,” Justice P B Suresh Kumar asked the state government.

The court directed the counsel for the state government to take instructions on whether permission can be granted to the scientist for collecting the blood samples.

It said that if permission can be granted, then it be done within a week.

“Let such innovative research happen,” the court added.

The scientist approached the court after his requests for collecting the discarded blood samples were rejected by the government.

He has contended that if he does not complete his research in the next two months, he will not get the necessary funding.

He claimed before the court that he needs the discarded blood samples of the prevailing months when the number of infections and fevers are high in the state to carry out proper research.

Source : PTI

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