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Veteran social reformer Anna Hazare Friday urged India’s voters not to cast their ballots for material benefits.

“Don’t vote in exchange for bottle of wine, or any other material thing. Votes are priceless,” Anna Hazare said in reply to a question at a press conference at Jantar Mantar where he is on a fast-unto-death since Tuesday for a stringent anti-corruption law.

“Voting is important, and I have been telling voters continuously that they must think before voting for any one. Don’t vote for the corrupt, don’t vote for a liar,” he said, adding that he will press upon government for including the option of not voting in the ballot.

“Among the option, there should be one of not voting for any one. If all the candidates are corrupt or not good, the voter may chose the option to vote for none in the ballot. We are pressing on government to include this option,” he said.

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