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DOW Chemicals refuses to submit to Indian Supreme Court jurisdiction

In a new development in Bhopal gas tragedy case, the American company DOW Chemicals has submitted before the Supreme Court that it has no liability towards the victims of 1984 gas leak tragedy which left over 15,000 people dead.

The company, in its affidavit filed recently in the supreme court, has also contended that the Supreme Court of India has no jurisdiction to reopen the issue of enhanced payment of compensation to the victims.

The Center has filed a petition in the apex court seeking additional compensation of Rs 7844 crores to the victims.

The Union government which had initially demanded 3.3 billion dollars from UCC as compensation finally settled for a meagre amount of 470 million US dollars in 1989 DOW Chemicals has contended that it has no presence in the country. It is an American company incorporated in USA having its head office at Michigan, US.

According to company, who had purchased Union Carbide, the issue of compensation was fsettled in 1989 and has become final.

The Union government filed curative petition in the apex court following huge public outcry when all the accused in the case were let off by meagre sentence of 2 years imprisonment and were granted bail within few minutes.

The DOW Chemicals is also not paying for removal of hazardous intoxicants lying at UCC premises in Bhopal.

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