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Dragon-Naturally-Speaking-160x250Those that have tried voice recognition software in the past are likely to have experienced frustratingly inaccurate and unresponsive applications that just didn’t understand what they were saying.

Now the problem has been resolved after launch ofDragon Naturally Speaking Legal 12, which is more accurate and specific compare to other frustratingly inaccurate and unresponsive applications of the past.

Dragon Naturally Speaking Legal 12 is targeted specifically at the legal community. It’s designed to automatically format legal citations, to accept third-party corrections, and to provide accurate out-of-the-box recognition of dictated legal terms.

Features include natural language commands for applications like Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint, as well as support for multiple dictation sources (digital recorders, iPhones, and other sound capture devices); Bluetooth microphone support; and even remote desktop connections, where a thin client or terminal services client can access a remote PC with Dragon installed on it.

One nifty feature is support for wireless dictation, enabling an Apple iOS or an Android device installed with a small app from Nuance to work as a wireless microphone over a Wi-Fi connection. More importantly it understands Indian English Accent and at the same time it has got huge database of Legal words and vocabulary.

Also with Dragon Naturally Speaking Legal 12, Nuance begins to support Windows 8. In addition, Nuance touts new features that include greater accuracy; faster performance; wideband Bluetooth support; smoother cruising of Gmail and Hotmail; new Smart Formal Rules, for learning your preferences around formatting words, phrases, or numbers; and “more natural” text-to-speech (TTS), if you want to review your typed words by listening.

Due to these improved features Dragon Naturally Speaking Legal 12 becomes leader of Indian Legal software and its demand are increasing day by day. This specific software is close to 16000+ satisfied users from legal fraternity.

For getting more details of the software can also be contacted on 022 40942618 / 93212 29596.

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