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One Response to “Dyslexic student’s plea to use calculator in exam rejected”

  1. Ajay

    Some comments on different websites
    ——————————————— Is CBSE the last word on education? National Boards ICSE and National Institute of open schooling (NIOS) under the same ministry as CBSE , State boards of Kerala State , Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, are providing calculators during examinations of class X and class XII to dyslexics and Disabled children. It is a sad day for us dyslexics.

    A disabled child in the family makes a family more loving & understanding and I feel, better human beings. from aadmi to insaan the difference lies in your heart. Why the powerful people, the bureaucrat’s, the ministers and the judges become heartless is not difficult to understand. Ego takes a man away from Maula and these people cannot understand disability but rather fear it, loath it, and act against it. May Maula fill their hearts with compassion. I have a daughter blessed by Allah with cerebral palsy though she cannot communicate in words but to be near her is enlightening. This is the grace of Allah as all disability teaches us likewise. I request all the powerful people to help the disabled and in the process sublimate their ego.

    Indian education reforms not withstanding India will keep on churning clerks and not thinkers. World over Dyslexia is treated as a gift and assisted by the people in power to produce the likes of Bill Gates, Walt Disney, Albert Einstein, Thomas Alva Edison, Winston Churchill, Leonardo Da Vinci, Noble laureate Dr. Carol W. Greider (all Dyslexics). Who wants such persons in India ?
    Had the CBSE allowed calculator to 300 disabled out of more than one million appearing for class XII what would have happened.When ICSE
    board allows scientific calculator for all the students.So it means ICSE is a much advanced board.
    from: Sameer Verma
    We are a group of professionals working with children with disabilities especially dyslexics.We are saddened by the behavior of CBSE and the judicial system which did not support the child with special needs.Are we moving ahead or retreating backwards.Do we want to acknowledge dyslexic in its scientific form or start calling the dyslexics “dumb”, “idiot”.Wake up CBSE Recognize dyslexia and empathize with dyslexics.All the CBSE reforms introduced by Mr.Kapil Sibal are of no use if we continue to behave with the students the way CBSE behaved with Pranay Jain.
    from: Aadita Center
    when all the examining boards,schools were waking up to the needs of the children with disabilities,today’s judgment and CBSE behaviour has brought more gloom than brightness in our lives.
    from: Lakshmi Ravindra
    CBSE says that the scribe provided to the disabled child can use the calculator but when the child has learnt to write and with the use of calculator is able to score then why deprive him ? Isnt it demotivating and bringing down his self esteem and confidence.It is like asking a child who can walk with the help of crutches to use a wheelchair which is also being navigated by another person.Is this what CBSE wants?
    from: DP Mishra
    World over facilities in shape of new gadgets and new technology is being implemented. The CBSE it seems is still in Dark Age.
    from: Rakesh
    HRD minister should take steps to reform CBSE by reading about Dyslexia and have a group of knowledgeable persons who know what Dyslexia is.
    from: Amit
    Why the researchers,Doctors,Social Scientists,Educationists do not help disabled children like this Dyslexia boy?What sort of society have we developed? Are the education reforms passed by cabinet disabled friendly
    from: Raghu Verma
    The Supreme Court of India consists of wise men. We must respect their views on education of the disabled.
    from: Manoj Sharma
    jameen par flops yet again. Amir Khan should work on a script to banish technology from life and let Indians lead a simple life without computers and mobiles and calculators and innovative thinking.We should not strain ourselves.
    from: Sanjay Kumar
    It is a sad day for all dyslexics and their parents but we can not give up our can CBSE be so insensitive to the special need of a child.I am a special educator and the mother of a dyslexic child.I think the CBSE needs to shaken up to make them understand the needs of dyslexic children.
    from: Suruchi Bhargava


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