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delhi-high-courtThe Delhi High Court, expressing concern at the way officials of East Delhi Municipal Corporation has been working, said that they are either “remiss” in their duties or in some way “complicit” in matters of illegal construction.

Justice Sudershan Kumar Misra also issued show cause notice to the East MCD commissioner and SHO of Shakarpur for Feb 17 on a plea filed against the illegal construction going on in Guru Ram Das Nagar without any sanctioned plan and any approval from authorities concerned.

The petitioner, Nathu Ram Verma, moved the high court, saying several requests had been made to authorities but no action has been taken and they remain silent spectators to major construction comprising of four floors that has been carried out on the property.

“It is indeed surprising that such extensive construction can come up under the very nose of the officials of the MCD, who are expected to monitor their area effectively,” the court said.

“Prima facie, it is evident that the concerned officers in the field, who are normally expected to be sensitive even to the collection of any building material at a site etc are either remiss in their duties, or in some way complicit,” Justice Misra added.

Corporation’s counsel, Gaurang Nath, however, told the court that complaint in this regard was booked on Oct 22 and thereafter a demolition notice was issued to on Nov 5. Nath further contended that action of demolition was fixed for Dec 11 and a work stop notice has also initimated to the SHO of Shakarpur.

Justice Misra however opined that the concerned officials of the East MCD – right from the staff in the field to upwards – have not been “vigilant”.

“Otherwise the offending construction, which is has been booked by the municipal authorities and qua which further action, as warranted in law, is contemplated, would not have come up in the first place,” the court said.

It asked the East MCD commissioner to “personally look into this matter” and ensure that effective and complete action is taken against those officials found responsible.

“Ensure that effective and complete action be taken against those officials found responsible, to ensure more transparent and effective administration in municipal matters, in a time bound manner,” said the court.


The court also asked commissioner to file an action taken report, within six weeks, setting down all the steps taken by it in the matter.


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