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 Chief Justice of India Justice H L Dattu said here on Friday that the legal profession has expanded manifold, going beyond advocates and judges, since there is an essential element of law in every aspect of life.

Delivering his key note address at the Damodaram Sanjivayya National Law University’s (DSNLU) first convocation here today, Justice Dattu said, “What is law? Simply put, it is a code of rules of conduct towards oneself and other. A law is enacted by legislators and once it is enforceable, it is to be complied with by all”.
He said that as long as there is man and individuality, there would always be dispute, which he said, is unfortunate and a harsh reality of life, since men would always have a conflict of opinions. Laws are made to help redress disputes and conflicts. He said that the role of the legal fraternity in strengthening the democratic polity and principles of rule of law has been well chronicled and universally acknowledged. He said that goal of justice, which is social, economic and political besides fostering liberty as well as equality have not yet been fully attained.
“We are all partners in the justice delivery system of this country and, therefore, accountable to the people of India. This bestows upon each of us the status of people who are in public service,” he said. Addressing law graduates he said, “If you want to earn money quickly then it would be better to choose some other profession or do some business”. He told them to be “disciplined soldiers” of the law.
Giving his own example, from being a village boy in Chikmagalur district of Karnataka, to becoming Chief Justice of India, he said that he always followed the “three H” principle which his headmaster had stressed in school for success, namely hard work, humility and honesty.

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  1. Ravi Kumar Menon

    The law is notoriously slow. When the investigation into a crime is delayed it becomes all the more pathetic. Sessions case no:1675/2010 Kollam is a typical example. The trial has not started yet. The case pertains to the death of a 24 year old in a hospital on 14/12/2004 due to medical negligence. The charge is under I.P.C. 304 Part 11 based on two judgments of the H.C. of Kerala. The numbers are 296/2014 and 1903/2014.


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