Engineering not for you Chandigarh High Court tells NIT Kurukshetra student

CHANDIGARH: The Punjab and Haryana High Court on Tuesday  has refused to entertain a mercy petition of the engineering student of NIT, Kurukshetra who could not earn a degree in the past nine years.  The candidate had appealed to the court to allow him to appear in his 17 compartment exams this year.

The student from National Institute of Technology in Kurukshetra took admission at NIT in 2009 was awarded 17 compartment during his four years at college. After hearing his plea, Chief Justice Krishna Murari criticized him and asked him to leave engineering this time and scolded him for wasting government money for his engineering degree.

The court said the expenses incurred by the government during this period were manifold compared to the fees that he paid. He had requested the court to allow him one more attempt to clear the multiple compartments. The court even advised him to leave engineering and save the country and choose any other profession for a living.

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