Ensure no further forest area encroachment

Ensure no further forest area encroachment
Ensure no further forest area encroachment

The Delhi High Court today directed the city government and its authorities to ensure there was no further encroachment in forests in the National Capital Territory, after it was told that the green cover here was shrinking due to rampant construction.

A bench of justices Badar Durrez Ahmed and Sanjeev Sachdeva issued the direction after noting that as per an aerial photograph of Delhi, there was “rapid deforestation” and “decline in tree cover” which has contributed to air pollution in the city.

In order to ensure there was no further encroachment into forest areas and to remove unauthorized occupants from there, the bench appointed Chetan Sangi, Secretary of Public Works Department (PWD), to supervise and report to the court about the action taken.

It asked the PWD Secretary to file a status report within four weeks and the Commissioner of Police to depute an officer within one week to assist Sangi in carrying out his work.

With regard to the protection of central ridge forest, which was the responsibility of multiple agencies, the bench thought it fit to nominate Joint Secretary of Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change to coordinate with the PWD Secretary and give a status report indicating action taken to achieve the objective of protecting forests.

“We are making it clear, that from today onwards all concerned authorities shall ensure that no further encroachment of forest areas takes place in National Capital Territory (NCT) of Delhi.

“We are also making it clear that all officers and authorities under the various statutes are bound to ensure that forest areas are not encroached upon and no unauthorized construction takes place,” the bench said.

It also said that if it finds out that forest areas have been encroached upon despite its orders, then official or authority concerned shall be held responsible for the same.

The court was hearing a PIL initiated by it on its own on the issue of increasing air pollution in Delhi.


( Source – PTI )

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