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Ex-CJI concerned over delay in Gujarat riots cases

Former chief justice of India J.S. Verma Saturday expressed concern that the perpetrators of human rights violations in the 2002 Gujarat riots are still unpunished.

 ‘That’s something that disturbs me as it would disturb every reasonable person in our country,’ Justice Verma told NDTV 24X7 news channel in an interview.

Responding to the recent Supreme Court judgment asking the trial in these cases to be held in the state, he said if there is a reasonable doubt the trial will not proceed as expeditiously as possible, and that there would be obstacles, the cases must be transferred out.

‘The duty of the state is to see that no one among the jurisdiction by any act or omission commits a violation of human rights,’ he said.

Verma, who served as chief justice for ten months (March 1997-Jan 1998), was chairperson of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) from 2000 to 2003.


Responding to Team Anna’s rejection of parliamentary standing committee’s version of the judges accountability bill, Justice Verma said entire governance of the country cannot be conducted by just one Lokpal.

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