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The case of a couple staging a fast-unto-death for more than a month has shaken the whole country after their health condition became critical.
Parents of Krishna Prasad Adhikari, who was killed by alleged Maoists during the 10-year-long insurgency, have been admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU) of Bir Hospital, a government-owned hospital, after their health deteriorated, reports Xinhua.

Nanda Prasad and Ganga Maya of Gorkha district have been staging the fast demanding that their son’s killers be brought to book. Despite top leaders, the head of the government and rights activists urging them to end the fast, the couple is refusing to end the fast.

They have told the government and political parties that they would die but would not end the hunger strike until the murderers of their son are punished.

Rights groups are saying that the government and United Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) will be responsible if anything untoward happens to the couple.

The UCPN-M is saying that the murder should not be booked by police as it is a war era case and it should be dealt through the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Head of the interim election government Khilraj Regmi Thursday met the couple and urged them to end the fast.
(Source: IANS)

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