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BJP national president Nitin Gadkari on Thursday issued a legal notice to RTI activist and IAC volunteer Anjali Damania over her “baseless and defamatory” claims that he tried to cover up the irrigation scam in Maharashtra.

Gadkari’s legal notice to Damania faults her for “giving false statements to television channels”, “insinuating” his “business relations with Sharad Pawar”, and having “tried to dissuade” her from exposing the irrigation scam. The legal notice sent through Shamshery & Associates, dated September 27, stated: “…entire statements, you have stated are deliberate lie with an intention to slander my client and are designed to defame the reputation of my client, who, being national president of BJP, occupies a respected position in the political affairs of the nation as well as in society”.

Gadkari has denied having business relations with Pawar.

The legal notice said that the BJP’s state unit was the “first to unearth the irrigation scam” and demanded her to “tender a public apology” failing which he will initiate legal proceedings against Damania.

Damania made these claims on Wednesday on the eve of the party’s two-day national council meet, which is slated to discuss a resolution to amend the party’s constitution and pave the way for a second consecutive term for the BJP president.

Damania confirmed that she has received a legal notice by email and that she was likely to contest it.

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