Government process to fill up Lokpal posts illegal: Jaitley

arunBJP leader Arun Jaitley Monday asked the government to withdraw the process it has initiated to fill up the posts of the chairman of Lokpal and its members, saying it was illegal.

Writing in his blog, Jaitley said the Department of Personnel and Training, which has invited applications for the posts, had no authority to do so according to the Lokpal and the Lokayukta Act.

He said the act provides for a selection committee comprising the prime minister, Lok Sabha speaker, the opposition leader in the Lok Sabha (which is Jaitley), the chief justice of India or a judge nominated by him and an eminent jurist to be appointed by the other four members.

He said the four members of the selection committee have not met so far.

Jaitley said the search committee shall consist of at least seven people drawn from different disciplines.

The BJP leader said he would tell the four members of the search committee that their power had been usurped.

Jaitley said the idea of a serving or retired judge of the highest court having to move applications for a post-retirement assignment was repugnant.

“The Selection Committee has not even formulated the procedure under which it will appoint the members and chairperson of the Lokpal,” he said.

“The advertisement … is contrary to the provisions of the act.”

(Source: IANS)

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