Govt’s demonetisation move fit for country’s security, devp: Madras HC

Govt's demonetisation move fit for country's security, devp: Madras HC
Govt’s demonetisation move fit for country’s security, devp: Madras HC

Holding that the move to demonetise Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes is fit for the country’s security and development, the Madras High Court today dismissed a PIL seeking scrapping of the government notification on the ground it cannot interfere in policies related to monetary system.

Dismissing the PIL, challenging the central government’s notification, the bench here observed that big currency notes were used to fund terror activities and that black money was harming the economy of the country.

The action of the government is fit for the country’s security and development, it said.

Though the government’s action caused some inconvenience to people, it had been taken for the welfare of the country and was being implemented with the cooperation of various sections of people, the bench said.

The court rejected the PIL by petitioner M Seeni Ahamed, state General Secretary of the Indian National league, on the ground that it cannot interfere in the policies of the government related to monetary system.

It agreed with the contention of the Assistant Solicitor General that it was part of the government’s policy to eradicate black money in the country, strengthen the economy and also protect the nation from terrorism.

Ahamed had challenged the Finance Ministry’s notification and sought a direction to declare the notes to be valid till December 31.

He submitted that the surprise scrapping of the high denomination notes and several restrictions imposed on bank transactions had caused hardship to the illiterate masses and common people who did not have bank accounts.

The petitioner said the government was duty bound to implement its policy without causing hardship to the common man.

He submitted that people were not able to buy groceries or eatables and other essential items, ATM centres were crowded and shop owners were not accepting the notes.

He wondered how the government could ‘paralyse’ money transactions by closing down ATMs and said government should have provided enough breathing time for people to make alternative arrangements.

( Source – PTI )

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