HC allows video conference facility to get marriage registered

The Kerala High Court has permitted an Indian couple living in the US to appear before the registrar at Kollam through video conferencing to get their marriage registered to seek permanent American resident status.

The court gave the direction while considering a plea filed by Pradeep K Cletus and Beryl Pradeep, who cited certain difficulties in returning to the US if they come to India now for the marriage registration, which was required for to apply for permanent resident status.

Justice P B Suresh Kumar in his recent order directed the Kollam registrar to permit them to appear before him through video conferencing for registering their marriage.

The judge also said that the power holder of the petitioners should be allowed to sign in the marriage register on behalf of the couple.

Pradeep married Beryl at St Casimir’s Church, Kadavoor in Kollam district on January 1, 2000.

He took up a foreign assignment in Ireland in 2001 and was residing there with his family since then.

During 2009, the couple acquired Irish citizenship and in 2016 they relocated to the US on the strength of a L-1 Visa which Pradeep holds and L-2 visa by Beryl and their children.

In their petition, Pradeep and Beryl submitted that so as to apply for permanent resident status in US, they need to provide their marriage certificate issued by the competent authority of their country along with their applications.

They had applied through their power holder for registration of their marriage under the Kerala Registration of Marriages (Common) Rules-2008.

Since the marriage was solemnised on January 23, 2000, the local Registrar of Marriages (Common) asked them to appear before him to put their signatures in the register of marriages maintained under the rules.

In their plea, the couple said that they may face problems for re-entering the US, if they leave that country now for India to get their marriage registered.

They submitted that they might also would not receive the benefit of their stay in the US for claiming permanent resident status.

Considering their submissions, the court allowed them to utilise the video conference facility to get their marriage registered in Kollam.

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