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To mark the International Women’s Day, the Bombay high court has directed that cases of sexual offences against women should be handled by the courts presided over by a lady judicial officer, having all-women staff.

A circular containing the direction was issued to the district courts last night, to be implemented from Friday.

“Directions have been issued to assign cases involving sexual assault against women exclusively to the courts presided by judicial officers. It would be desirable that all staff members that is bench clerks, stenographers, interpreter, typists, peons and police constables are women,” said the circular issued by SB Shukre, Registrar General, HC.

The chief justice asked for its implementation from Friday to mark the Women’s Day, the circular mentioned.

“It is a settled law that cases involving sexual assault against women are required to be dealt with great sensitivity. In these cases, women are the victims of crime and there is a need to enable them to give their evidence in a stress-free atmosphere and without any fear or embarrassment,” according to the circular.



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