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HC seeks presentation on how to tackle traffic woes

HC seeks presentation on how to tackle traffic woes

The Bombay High Court today asked Mumbai’s top police officials to make a presentation before it on how they plan to tackle traffic woes in the city.

A division bench of Chief Justice Mohit Shah and Justice A K Menon was hearing a PIL filed by Bombay Bar Association seeking strict implementation of traffic rules and regulations.

The bench asked Mumbai Police Commissioner Rakesh Maria and Joint Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Milind Bharambe to jointly prepare a presentation addressing the issue of traffic problems in the city.

The two senior police officials will have to appear before the high court bench on July 2 and make the presentation.

The court also raised the issue of CCTVs installed at various junctions of the city and asked if these cameras were able to detect the licence plates of the cars and identity of the drivers.

It asked the traffic department to reply to this query also on July 2.

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  1. Sandy Gaitonde

    It is difficult for me being Traffic expert in North america and my experience with Traffic to share with Mumbai police with their lack of knowledge in world traffic science. I tried my best with JCP Bharambe to explain few points and my research and study over the years in traffic. But I was not able to put point across as probably I was too intelligent to explain and my level of explanation was at very high level. I must use ground level with them next time.

    The Indian Road Situation- Research states that each day 1,400 new cars are added to the streets of Delhi alone and many more in Mumbai. Add to that the number of buses, autos and other commercial vehicles. Cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai have existed since colonial times, and there has been an exponential rise in their population post-independence. But owing to the pre-colonial infrastructure it’s not possible to give these cities a complete overhaul in terms of road infrastructure and mass transportation. Newer metropolises like Bengaluru and Hyderabad are already riddled with bad traffic. To manage the growing traffic, we need an intelligent traffic system with the help of traffic technology solutions that has already been adopted by various cities across the world.

    What is traffic intelligence and how’s the world benefiting from it- Traffic intelligence includes using technology for data collection, reducing congestion on the roads, road safety, road intersection control, sensors, smart signals and more.

    Manhattan is seeking to control its traffic situation with the help of Midtown in Motion, a traffic intelligence programmer that has wirelessly controlled traffic controllers installed at intersections. It will provide real time data and relay traffic data to the traffic management center with the help of field sensors, RFID readers and cameras.

    Michigan on the other hand is powered by a system called Intellistreets which is a wireless network of dimmable, programmable LED street lighting that offers road safety, traffic detection and energy conservation. The lamp poles are fitted with a microprocessor each so that they can operate independently and can route around a damaged unit. They also have cameras and sensors to monitor traffic flow. These LED lights can be programmed to show traffic warnings, directions to large crowds or advertisements.

    Now you tell me how I am going to implement all this in Mumbai traffic while having ignorant and people with no experience in Commissioner chair.

    Jai Hind.

  2. Sandy Gaitonde

    I am person who traveled over 70 countries as Marine officer and know global traffic system besides north american experience. If given chance I will transform Mumbai into Shanghai but I need a chance to prove myself. Please read my little story below which will tell you what happened to me in Mumbai.

    I traveled all the way from Canada with great solution for Mumbai Traffic as I had great experience with police service here and I meet DCP Chavan he understood my idea and took me to Joint CP bharambe after discussion but when I meet him I was completely disappointed with CP Bharambe as man had so much ego and he thought I am some stupid person he gave me 15 minutes and when I told him idea about car pulling he gave very irresponsible statement saying if you do car pull how TATA general manager will travel. I left his office with no hope and came back to Canada then I contacted Traffic Commissioner Vardhane and told him, all its 4 months since then I am waiting to do something for city but no one is there for me. Its a tragedy of our country that they don’t want intelligent experienced person like me. I will fight my issue as CP has limit for his post but my agenda for my city does not. Jai Hind

    Hope you can connect me with right person as I live in abroad Toronto which is city like heaven but I want to see Mumbai like that but without support from you people I cant do it. If I can feel from 15000 km for Mumbai why people from their don’t. They do but they don’t know what to do. I have solution but need an opportunity.


    Satyanand Gaitonde

  3. Sandy Gaitonde

    Mumbai city need car pull and practically all rush hour time on major arteries minimum 4 people should travel. I found solution with my north American traffic expertise and I spend lots of time in Mumbai explaining this to people during my visit in Mumbai. Finally I reached CP Bharambe and my journey ended their with negative and arrogant attitude. As my solution for rush hour was tossed about car pull telling me how TATA GM will travel. Besides I was also requesting him that all transport truck should do deliveries in night and we need to create By law enforcement department of civilian who will support cops during rush hour but CP Bharambe was in no mood to listen as he is from Nagpur on deputation and who cares if people waste all their life in rush hour. I also told CP Bharambe that it is creating bad effect on environment and he said its not my issue. I tried telling that Mumbai has thousands of abandoned vehicles and if we have By Law department they will help in towing that will have great impact on rush hour. I was willing to stay with my own will and help Mumbai traffic Police to set up this and DCP Chavan Traffic Police North Zone was in favor but CP Bharambe thought me as an idiot.

  4. Sandy Gaitonde

    Nothing can happen on Mumbai Traffic as IPS officers come and go and city stays where it is. My experience was so bad with CP Bharambe who made me sit in his office for hours and then gave me 15 minutes and treated me like an idiot without knowing my traffic background. He did not even consider fact that I came from abroad with traffic solution. As long as such arrogant people are in ruling position nothing can happen to city besides CP Bharambe has no traffic background. So it is pointless and it is simple waste of tax payers money as long as he is there. Mind you just because you are IPS that does not make you any special and since Bharambe took over Mumbai traffic has worsen as well as accidents are gone up rather than decreasing.


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