High Court convicts one accused in death of British teenager

CBI Special Prosecutor Ejaz Khan said Samson D’Souza is convicted & accused Placido Carvalho is acquited.

“The matter will be heard on Friday,” he said.

Keeling’s family lawyer Vikram Verma said, “In this case, there were two accused. Carvahlo is acquited & D’Souza is convicted. D’Souza is convicted under section 354 for outraging the modesty of the girl, under section 328 for giving narcotics to the teenager.”

Verma added, “Under 304 (2) which is causing death in knowledge but not with intention, 201 for disappearing the evidence, & sections of Goa children’s act section 82 where the conduct of the individual that led to girl’s death. D’Souza was found guilty on all counts. Carvahlo was found not guilty.”

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