High Court: Inter-Caste marriages should be promoted to uproot caste system and eradicate social bias

The order passed by Justice N Anand Venkatesh observed that “In fact, many thinkers believe that intercaste marriage is the only panacea to root out the evil of caste system.”

“These are days where the younger generation is slowly moving out of ill-effects of the caste system and that is the reason for a lot of intercaste marriages that are happening in the society. These changes must be accepted by the elders and this change infact good for the society in rooting out the caste system.”

The order was announced while hearing a petition of a couple who had entered into an inter-caste marriage earlier this month. The couple reportedly got married despite opposition from the bride’s family and when the police failed to act on their complaint, the petitioners were constrained to approach the High Court.

According to a report, the court has directed the police to warn the opposing family against interfering with the married life of the petitioners.

The Court added if in case the threats continue the police should provide necessary protection to the couple and the husband’s family. The couple currently resides with the husband’s family.

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