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Housewife renders services of skilled worker: Court

A housewife renders services of a skilled worker, a Delhi court has observed.

The observation was made by a Motor Accident Claims Tribunal (MACT) here while awarding the compensation of Rs 30.63 lakh to a 32-year-old homemaker who lost one of her legs in a road accident four years ago.

The woman, who was crossing a road with her six-month old son in 2013, got hit by a rashly-driven RTV and suffered 80 per cent disability while the child suffered head injury.

“A housewife renders services as a skilled workman…Since the disability suffered by the claimant (woman) is 80 per cent with regard to right lower limb, loss qua the entire body will be 40 per cent…” MACT Presiding Officer Arun Bhardwaj said.

The tribunal directed Tata AIG General Insurance Company Ltd, insurer of the offending RTV, to pay Rs 30.63 lakh to the woman and Rs 10,000 to her son for the injuries suffered by them.

“The impact of the accident was so severe that she lost her right lower limb… Compensation for pain and suffering is to be awarded keeping in mind the nature of injuries suffered by the claimant,” it said.

According to the petition filed by the woman, on October 2, 2013 she was crossing the road from Ashram Road to Jaitpur Mor with her infant son when an RTV driven in a rash and negligent manner hit her.

As a result of this, she fell down with the child and both of them sustained injuries, it said.

They were taken to hospital where the woman, who suffered multiple fractures, lost her right leg leading to 80 per cent permanent disability.

During the proceedings, the driver and the owner of the vehicle did not appear in court to prove their innocence.

Source: PTI

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