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Hubby, in-laws, acquitted of dowry death

Hubby, in-laws, acquitted of dowry death

A man and his family members have been acquitted of charges of dowry death and cruel treatment to his wife by a Delhi court, after the victim’s kin turned hostile and said she was never harassed or tortured.

The court freed Delhi resident Kamal Sahai, his parents and others, saying all witnesses, including the woman’s family members, had resiled from their statements during the probe and none of them deposed that the accused had strangulated and hung the victim.

“None of the witnesses during their deposition, deposed that deceased was harassed or tortured on account of dowry. None of the witness deposed about any dowry demand by any of the accused persons. All the witnesses turned hostile and did not support the case of the prosecution. They also resiled from their statements made during investigation.

“Thus, it is not proved that any dowry was ever demanded by any accused. It is not proved that deceased was tortured or harassed by any of the accused. Any of the witness also did not depose that accused strangulated the deceased and hanged her on ceiling fan,” Additional Sessions Judge Naresh Kumar Malhotra said.

The man and his family members were acquitted of the charges of murder, dowry death and harassing victim Kirti.

According to the prosecution, the woman, who had married the man in 2011, was found hanging in her matrimonial house in October 2013 and taken to hospital where she was declared ‘brought dead’.

After her death, her family had alleged before the police that they had spent huge sums of money on her marriage and gave gold articles, but since inception, she was harassed by her in-laws for more dowry. The couple has a daughter from the wedlock.

On the evening of October 6, 2013, the woman’s parents got a call from her in-laws that she had hung herself and was being taken to hospital, police said.

The court said the woman’s family members said in their deposition that she was never harassed by her in-laws for dowry and was happily living at her matrimonial house.

It said the woman’s sister and parents have not supported the prosecution case and as no incriminating evidence came against the accused, their statements were dispensed with.

( Source – PTI )

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  1. Meena Paes

    This was the verdict based on the statements from the the relatives. How do we know what was the reality?


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