Human Rights Bill passed in Indian Parliament

Human Rights Bill passed in Indian Parliament amidst Protests – The Parliament of India’s Upper House which is the Rajya Sabha has recently passed the Bill related to Human Rights this Monday. It was done to amend 1993 Protection of Human Rights Act. Last week the same bill was passed in the Lok Sabha which is the Lower House of Parliament. As it receives Presidential status once it is sent to the president of India Ramnath Kovind, it will become a law under the Indian Constitution.

Along with several amendments, the Govt of India had introduced this Bill so that apart from the Supreme Court of India’s Chief Justice, its any former Judge can be the Chairperson of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) as well.

It also states that at the sub-national level, a former judge of High Court can become the head of State Human Rights Commission (SHRC). It asks to reduce the office terms of members and Chairpersons of NHRC as well as the SHRC until the age of 70 years or restrict it to three years whichever is more convenient.

The opposition parties came together to criticize this bill. They argued that it allows the Union govt to handpick the members of Human Rights Commission. They also raised objection regarding procedural irregularities. Some opposition members even stated that the Bill needs to face the scrutiny at the greater level in front of a Parliamentary Select Committee.

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