Husband wanted to settle the dispute: Supreme Court asked him to pay for travel and lodging expenses to wife

Supreme Court has directed a husband to pay for travel and lodging expenses to the wife in a case where the husband wanted to settled the matter.

A bench of Justice Kaul and Justice Joseph has passed the order in the case titled as DEBDAS MALI vs MADHUMITA MALI on 29.07.2019.

In a transfer petition filed by the husband, the Supreme Court noted “Learned counsel for the parties are not averse to an endeavour to seek settlement of disputes between the parties”.

However, the counsel for wife stated that the petitioner-husband must bear the expenses for to and fro travel and stay in Delhi.

In such circumstances, the Supreme Court directed “We direct the petitioner for the time being to pay the respondent-wife through counsel a cheque for a sum of Rs.25,000/- for such expenses tentatively. Time period of fifteen days for making the payment is granted”.

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