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IIM-Indore’s Journal published “How Vested Interests Eroded the Best ‘Make in India’ Story”

A year-long evidence-based research titled ‘How Vested Interests Eroded the Best ‘Make in India’ Story’, has been published in the IIM-Indore journal. This research by noted Prof. Ganapathy Lakshman Sharma explains how regulatory overreach can lead to a market crisis, hugely impacting the growth of financial markets. The research also explores the crucial role of a market regulator in dealing with crises in the larger interest of the markets.

The research by Prof. Sharma, a marketing professional with over three decades of experience, was chosen to be published in the research journal by an eminent editorial board after it steered through a stringent selection process, encompassing the importance and relevance of the subject matter, evidence of research, a clear statement of purpose with practical implications of the case, among others.

The study was deemed fit after a series of discussions between the author and the editorial board which comprised professors from countries such as the UK, the US, Australia, Singapore and India. As such, the work holds special relevance in today’s context as it serves a precautionary note for the new generation world-class entrepreneurs whose innovative zeal is likely to be challenged by the inadequacies of the system.

Please click on the link below to read more:- How Vested Interests Eroded the Best ‘Make in India’  

The journal also includes publication of the research on various other subjects such as ‘Involvement with Experience: A Path to Brand Loyalty’ authored by Ms Seema Gupta and Ms. Tanvi Gupta, ‘The Magical and Dis- Storying Worlds of Indian Institutes of Management: Shaping De- Politicised Student’ authored by Mr. Yogesh Yadav and Mr. Pankaj Shevkar, ‘Determinants of affect versus cognition: A review on evaluation of humorous ads authored by Manoj Motiani and Kapil Khandeparker, ‘Substitutes of Leadership Matters’ authored by Rahul A Kamble, Ritesh Kumar and Zubin R. Mulla.

IIM-Indore Journal "How Vested Interests Eroded the Best 'Make in India' story"
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