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ccAn Indian worker in Dubai stabbed his friend to death in an inebriated state at the latter’s birthday party last year, a court here heard Monday.

The Indian cook, 29, identified only as SJ, stabbed his fellow countryman, identified as AS, after a heated argument during the latter’s birthday party Dec 16 last year, Gulf News reported Monday.

Appearing before the Dubai Court of First Instance Monday, the accused contended that he was so drunk that he did not realise what he was doing.

“I stabbed him but I did not intend to kill him… I did not even think of killing him. I was drunk and it was a mistake. We had a fight and assaulted each other,” SJ added.

The police who arrested the accused, confirmed that the victim was stabbed twice in the stomach and chest.

An Indian waiter, who witnessed the incident, told the prosecutors that the incident happened when the victim cursed SJ’s brother and his family over their absence at the birthday party thrown by the victim in his studio apartment.

“SJ walked out of the studio angry, meanwhile we started eating. Ten minutes later he returned to the studio and stabbed AS. When he tried to stab him again, I grabbed SJ’s arm and prevented him,” the waiter said.

“He struggled and asked me to let go of him and allow him to finish. Then he hurt my thumb and both of us fell to the floor,” he added.

(Source: IANS)

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