India’s first transgender bureaucrat plans to get married After 377 Order

BHUBANESHWAR: India’s first bureaucrat transgender wanted to tie in a nuptial knot with her boyfriend. Aishwarya Rituparna Pradhan, 34, presently deputy commissioner(in-charge) of GST in Paradip circle of Odisha commercial tax department, made a major life decision based on the verdict on Section 377. When the law was scrapped by the Supreme Court of India last week, she started to plan the next big step in her life.

Rituparna, who has been in a live-in relationship with her boyfriend for last 2 years, said that she had put off the decision only due to Section 377.  The Supreme Court judgement on September 6 struck down IPC 377 Section and has paved the way for dignified living for LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer) community.

Pradhan’s boyfriend is an entrepreneur, who first proposed to Aishwarya about three years ago. She didn’t take his proposal seriously then, thinking it to be a case of infatuation. Aishwarya entered into Odisha Financial Services in 2010 with her gender identified as Male.

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