ISAC in partnership with NCIIPC and CERT-IN will conduct various programmes on Cyber Breaches

Cyber Breaches have become all pervading with very serious outcomes. UNO resolutions require awareness campaigns to be run by the states. International Telecommunication Union mandates that judges and lawyers are also trained as part of the Cyber Security capacity building by the member states. Hon’ble PM of India has spoken about the Cyber Security from the ramparts of the Red Fort during the last Independence Day address to the nation. The National Security Advisor and the Hon’ble Apex court have been making observations about the inadequacy of cyber awareness.

Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ISAC) ( is a non profit cyber security organisation having Partnerships with both NCIIPC and CERT-IN ( both statutory bodies) for cyber security capacity building. ISAC conducts various cyber security training courses in technical, techno managerial and awareness ( CopConnect) areas.

Cyber Crime Intervention Officer’s course is a basic Cyber Awareness program. This program is specially curated to bring awareness and protect the netizens and vulnerable people.

The course is best suited for Employees, Parents, Teachers , Counselors Doctors , Law enforcement officers and responsible netizens.

Course content:

  • Cyber Psychology
  • Online gaming
  • Online drug issues
  • Children and cyber space
  • Social media
  • Tech abuse
  • Financial frauds
  • Basic Cyber laws

The course is conducted through online live sessions with one batch every month. Details of the next batch are as follows:

The live sessions will be held on the following dates from 3 to 5 PM:


Weekly assignments and research work are part of the program to enhance the understanding.

Last Date: 19-11-2020

While the Fees for the programme is INR 5000/- plus GST, we are extending a special rebate.

Link for registration to get a 10% concession is

Other details can be viewed  on

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